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Updated Rental Price Of Empire City Apartments – 2022

Posted by Khoi Pham on June 19, 2022

[[sc-product||||id=1667199120632||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished Apartment in Linden Residences,||link=||image=1000406_02_1645430447_1024_1667200793.jpg||||title=64m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000302_08_1614390981_1024_1667200609.jpg||||title=148m2, 3 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000307-empire-city_1665039729.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000528-empire-city_1665041364.jpg||||title=91m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000405_08_1645008815_1024_1667201010.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000450-empire-city_1665042341.png||||]]

[[sc-product||||id=1667199120632||||title=93m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000452-empire-city_1665042199.png||||title=64m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000302-empire-city_1665042051.jpg||||title=148m2, 3 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000307_living_room_1664766071_1024_1667200195.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Fitted in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000412-05_1645460433_1024_1667199913.jpg||||title=152m2, 3 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000519-empire-city_1665039539.jpg||||title=93m2, 2 Bedrooms, Basic Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000451_floor_plan_1646366289_1024_1667200329.png||||]]

[[sc-product||||id=1667187087618||||title=91m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=100040503_1645008814_1024_1657875294.jpeg||||title=91m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=100040206_1644916302_1024_1657875294.jpeg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000406-empire-city_1665040662.jpg||||title=91m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=100040507_1645008815_1024_1657875294.jpeg||||title=87m2, 2 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=1000367-empire-city_1665043069.jpg||||title=98m2, 2 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=layout_1000458-empire-city_1665043128.png||||]]

[[sc-product||||id=1667187087618||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=1000457-empire-city_1665042950.png||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Fitted in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000412-empire-city_1665042439.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=100040603_1645430443_1024_1667188234.jpg||||title=87m2, 2 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=1000367_1626078687_1024_1667188358.jpg||||title=91m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=1000402_1644916302_1024_1667188516.jpg||||title=98m2, 2 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Tilia Residences||link=||image=floor_plan_1000458_1646453246_1024_1667188567.png||||]]

[[sc-product||||id=1667187087618||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000450-4_1646365748_1024_1667189429.png||||title=93m2, 2 Bedrooms, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000452_5_1646367148_1024_1667192462.png||||title=148m2, 3 Bedrooms, Basic Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000316-empire-city_1665042051.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000528_living_room_1664781232_1024_1667192702.jpg||||title=152m2, 3 Bedroom, Fully Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=1000519_living_room_1664771533_1024_1667192840.jpg||||title=63m2, 1 Bedroom, Basic Furnished in Linden Residences||link=||image=floor_plan_1000454-empire-city_1665041060.png||||]]

If you are looking to rent Empire City apartments with good price, nice view, convenient to move to other districts and more information related to this project, with just a few minutes of reading the article below, you will have a better understanding of this project as well as more experience in finding the right apartment.

Empire City Apartments for Rent in District 2 at Best Price

Currently, quality of life is developing more and more according to the trend of modernization, so the demand for apartments is also enhanced. Accordingly, people’s demand for apartments is also increasing day by day. And Empire City is a project that attracts many residents interested in recent times.

For more details about Empire City apartments for rent and rental prices in this urban area, please refer to the article shared by Realtique below!


The area is located at the core of Thu Thiem peninsula, making it easy to move to the center of District 1 and other neighboring districts. Besides, the high-class apartments complex with many attractive utilities is also an attraction for many tenants to live and work, especially foreign tenants and experts and businessmen.

Customers can refer to the rental list of Empire City apartments shared and updated by Realtique below:

Apartment types Area Rental (USD)
1 bedroom ~63m2 From 900 USD/month
2 bedrooms ~91m2 From 1050 USD/month
3 bedrooms 125 – 155m2 From 1900 USD/month
4 bedrooms 160 – 170m2 From 2500 USD/month
Duplex – Penthouse From 160m2 From 4000 USD/month


In Empire City urban area, tenants rent apartments mainly with the following 2 forms.

Rent To Live

Rent to live is the main form of apartments rented in Empire City. Here, you can sign a lease for a term of 1 to 3 years… The long-term lease will offer you quality time staying in world-class luxury apartments with many outstanding utilities.

Rent For Office

This is a popular form of rental for businesses that intend to set up an office in this prime location. However, Empire City doesn’t have Officetel (OT) units that are offices for rent and are able to register for business yet. Maybe there will be in the next phases.

Now, as a solution, shophouses at the podiums are the only options for business registration and office for rent.


Not only outstanding with an expensive location convenient to move to other areas, but Empire City residents also enjoy high-class facilities. Empire City luxury apartments for rent owning a chain of utilities – services according to international standards, along with a modern living environment, green, clean and beautiful. It can be said that this is an ideal place to stay for you and your family.

Internal Utilities

Inside Empire City, the developer has focused on designing a world-class urban area with a fully-equipped living space. When living in this area, you can experience high-class facilities and a quality of life in accordance with international standards.

Let’s take a look at some outstanding utilities at Empire City with Realtique below!

Infinitive Swimming Pool

Linden Residences is equipped with a swimming pool (50m and 25m long) with a view of the city center. The swimming pool is designed with other convenient services such as a Jacuzzi, changing room and relaxation pool. This is a great place to relax, dip into the water and watch the city from above or catch a romantic sunset.

In addition, the swimming pool is also designed with many green trees, miniature gardens and sun loungers… Especially, the night scene is extremely shimmering thanks to the light system.

Infinitive Pool at Empire City

Infinitive Pool at Empire City

Central Square (To Be Developed)

The central square with an area of ​​​​about 600m long is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, cafes… full of luxury and class. The campus inside the square is decorated with monuments, flower gardens and green plants. Therefore, this is one of the fun activities for families.

Central Square at Empire City

Central Square at Empire City

Empire City Observation Deck 88 Floors (To Be Developed)

Empire City 88 Tower is inspired by nature combined with a bustling urban area. Therefore, it is expected that when completed, this tower will be a new symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, attracting many visitors. At the same time, this will also be the pride of residents living in Empire City.

Empire City 88 Tower

Empire City 88 Tower

Other Utilities

In addition to the above outstanding utilities, Empire City District 2 also provides residents with other perfect facilities such as:

  • Children’s play areas and baby pool
  • Sports area such as tennis court, mountain climbing, jogging track, Gym room
  • Tropical garden, cloud garden, internal park, riverside park
  • Outdoor BBQ area
  • Restaurants, hotels, high-end shopping centers…

Tennis Court at Empire City

Tennis Court at Empire City

External Utilities

Located in Thu Thiem new urban area – A place that develops strongly and owns many world-class facilities as well as expanding infrastructures. Therefore, residents of Empire City apartments not only experience their own internal facilities but also inherit many other services from Thu Thiem urban area.

Tenants can experience many facilities from education, healthcare and entertainment such as TAS international school, AIS, Vincom Mega Mall, Cantavil…

In addition, you can connect to restaurants, hotels, large commercial centers and famous tourist attractions in District 1 within 5 minutes.


Before renting an Empire City apartment, you need to note a few things below to be able to choose an appropriate one.

  • Plan your own rental budget, thereby shortening the time to find the right apartment suiting your finance
  • Plan at least 2 months of rental for the deposit
  • Plan the type of apartment you want to rent (1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 or 4 bedroom)
  • Decide the view, floor and direction of the apartment you want
  • Decide whether you need the unfurnished or fully furnished apartments
  • Decide a specific time of move-in. This helps you be more proactive in choosing the right apartment
  • Usually, the lease term is 1-2 years at least. Don’t try any shorter time like 6 months as the shorter lease options rarely exist
  • Choose a reliable leasing agency which can support you before and after the move-in


Tenants can refer to the Empire City apartment rental process through the following steps:

Step 1: Tenants contact the following phone number 0866 810 689 (WhatsApp/Zalo) and send rental inquiries such as budget, number of bedrooms, view, move-in date, furnishings…

Step 2: The company will support consulting the appropriate apartments based on your inquiries and schedule a viewing to visit them

Step 3: Tenants will be led by professional leasing agents to directly view the apartments you have previously selected

Step 4: When the tenants short-list the apartments, the leasing agents will help you negotiate the rental, the deposit, rental term, time to move in and terms included in the lease contract with the owners

Step 5: There are two deposit methods:

  • Partial deposit if the tenant has not moved in immediately
  • Deposit in full and sign the lease contract immediately

Step 6: The lessee and the owner sign lease contract. Note that you need to pay the first month’s rent on the first date of move-in

Step 7: After signing the lease contract, the company will assist tenants and owners to complete the procedures for temporary residence registration…


Rent Empire City Apartments with Realtique

Rent Empire City Apartments with Realtique

With many years of experience working in the market, Realtique is appreciated by customers as a reputable and quality real estate agency. Here are some outstanding advantages of Realtique:

  • We are always dedicated to our work and try our best to support tenants before, during and after renting Empire City apartments
  • The apartments introduced by Realtique to tenants are provided with accurate and complete information
  • Our leasing agents are well-trained with professional skills and knowledge, ensuring that tenants’ needs and problems solved right
  • Always update and publicize the latest information related to the project and the market to help tenants updated
  • No fee for consulting and scheduling the viewing for renting Empire City apartments


Here are a few questions tenants often ask when they rent Empire City apartments:

  1. What Costs Are Included When Renting Empire City Apartments?

    Some details that tenants of Empire City apartments need to pay are as follows:

    • Apartment management fee: Fees range from 20,000VND – 22,000VND/m2 x Carpet Area of Apartment and are paid monthly
    • Parking fee for motorbikes or cars (if used)
    • Electricity costs are calculated according to the EVN electricity tariff
    • The cost of water calculated according to the fee of Gia Dinh Water Supply and billed to the management fee bill monthly
    • Internet charges according to VNPT network package
  2. How Much Tenants Need To Pay When Using Utilities At Empire City Apartments?

    Tenants have the right to use all utilities at Empire City free of charge when you are living here, have a resident card, fingerprint and temporary registration. However, there might be cleaning fee required on some utilities.

  3. Why Is There Rental Difference Between Apartments In Empire City?

    The rental price of Empire City apartments depends on many different factors such as area, view, building, floor, interior… Therefore, there will be a rental difference between apartments.

  4. Empire City Apartment Need a Deposit?

    Depending on the agreement of the landlord and tenant on the deposit, the typical deposit will be around 2 months’ rent.

If you want to rent Empire City apartments or know more detailed information about rentals or visit the project, please contact directly our hotline at 0866 810 689 for the support!

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