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Why US Investors Are Turning To Vietnam’s Real Estate Market

Posted by Khoi Pham on August 15, 2023

Why US Investors Are Turning To Vietnam’s Real Estate Market: A Guide For You

Are you considering investing in real estate? Have you ever thought about looking beyond your local market? Vietnam’s real estate market is catching the attention of US investors, and here’s why it might be the perfect opportunity for you too.

1. A Thriving Economy Means Opportunities for All

Vietnam’s economy is booming, with a 2.9% GDP growth in 2020, even amidst a global health crisis [1]. This growth translates into more job opportunities, business expansions, and a rising demand for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re an investor, a homebuyer, or a business owner, this economic stability offers a promising landscape.

Vietnam achieves GDP growth rate of 2.9%

Vietnam achieves GDP growth rate of 2.9%

2. Safety First: Vietnam’s Success Against Covid-19

Vietnam’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been globally recognized as one of the most successful, and it has had a positive impact on the business environment. The country’s effective containment strategy allowed for a quicker rebound in economic activities, including the early rebound of domestic activities and robust export performance, particularly in higher-tech exports as people around the world worked from home [2].

Vietnam’s success in containing the virus was attributed to several key factors, including a well-developed public health system, decisive central government, and a proactive containment strategy based on comprehensive testing, tracing, and quarantining [5]. This approach allowed businesses to resume operations successfully.

The country’s rapid success in containing the pandemic has attracted global attention, and the regime is looking to capitalize on its efficiency to attract multinational corporations and foreign investment [4]. The effective handling of the pandemic was due to the government’s early understanding of the situation and decisive implementation of social distancing measures, which were strongly supported by the public.

Vietnam’s experience with previous outbreaks, like SARS, informed its successful strategy, and the prioritization of health above economic concerns allowed for a quicker rebound in business activities [2]. The country was among the first to lift virtually all domestic containment measures, enabling businesses to resume successfully and positioning Vietnam as a model for how a developing country can fight a pandemic.

Vietnam's response to the COVID-19 pandemic is globally recognized as one of the most successful and has had a positive impact on the business environment

Vietnam’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is globally recognized as one of the most successful and has had a positive impact on the business environment

3. Industrial Growth: A Haven for Business Expansion

Vietnam has emerged as a significant destination for industrial growth, attracting major companies to relocate their operations. The country’s transformation into a global manufacturing hub has been driven by several key factors:

  • Economic Stability and Growth: Vietnam has maintained a stable economy, growing its GDP by 6 to 7 percent annually since 2016, with foreign direct investment (FDI) exceeding US$ 16 billion in 2019 [6].
  • Manufacturing Sector: In 2021, Vietnam’s manufacturing sector accounted for over 25% of the country’s GDP, supported by new investments from regions like China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan [3].
  • China +1 Strategy: Businesses are increasingly choosing Vietnam to supplement their China operations, leveraging Vietnam’s lower costs, attractive business environment, and geographic proximity to China [6].
  • Political Stability: Vietnam’s one-party state has allowed for political stability, translating to a stable business environment that has attracted foreign investors, including those from the United States [67].
  • Pandemic Response: Vietnam’s ability to address the COVID-19 pandemic at an early stage has reinforced investor confidence, making it a relatively safe place to do business [6].
  • Infrastructure and Connectivity: With international airports, seaports, and rail links, Vietnam facilitates production flow and transportation, making it an attractive destination for manufacturing investment [8].
  • Challenges and Opportunities: While relocating production to Vietnam presents challenges, such as realigning supply chains, those that understand these issues can stabilize and expand their operations within the country [7].

Vietnam’s industrial growth and the relocation of major companies to the country demonstrate a promising trend for international investors. The nation’s commitment to sustainable growth, strong manufacturing sector, and strategic advantages in the region make it a haven for business expansion.

4. Affordable Housing: A Dream Come True for Homebuyers

If you’re a homebuyer looking for affordable options, Vietnam’s real estate market is addressing the demand for low- and middle-income housing [9]. This focus on affordability ensures that more people can find their dream homes without breaking the bank.

Investors see real estate projects

Investors see real estate projects

5. Luxury Living: An Attractive Option for Upscale Investors

For those with a taste for luxury, Vietnam’s real estate market offers high-end properties ranging from VND500 million (US$21,200) to VND1 billion ($42,400) per square meter [9]. This segment provides an exciting opportunity for upscale living or investment.

Vietnam’s real estate market is more than just numbers and trends; it’s about opportunities, dreams, and growth for individuals and businesses alike. In my opinion, whether you’re an investor seeking profitable avenues, a homebuyer looking for affordability, or a business owner aiming for expansion, Vietnam’s real estate market offers something for everyone. It’s time to explore this vibrant market and see how it aligns with your goals.

Don’t forget to find us for detailed consultation or schedule a visit on real estate that is suitable for you. We do come up with elite property recommendations depending on your requirements.

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