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Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside District 2 | Latest Update 2022

Posted by Khoi Pham on September 28, 2022

Within a few minutes of this article, you will be instantly updated with the latest information about the Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project and the latest apartment prices in September 2022.

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside – World-class green living spaces

The LUMIÈRE riverside project is invested by Masterise Homes that attracts a lot of attention in the bustling real estate market in the center of Thao Dien. The project is going to finish the final phases and is being strictly monitored to ensure progress. With the unique leafscape architecture inspired by leaf veins, the apartment complex brings you a sophisticated and harmonious lifestyle with nature, promising to become the most luxurious and aesthetic residence in Saigon.

Let’s explore the details of this outstanding project with the Realtique team in the article below!


This is a high-end apartment project that attracts a lot of attention in the luxurious residential community as soon as it was introduced by Masterise Homes in 2020. Currently, the selling price of LUMIÈRE riverside is about 90-115 million VND/m2.

Best Available Transfer Price LUMIÈRE Riverside

Due to the high level of competition in the opening sales, a number of customers who could not purchase the right apartments as wished have turned to looking for another chance on the transfer/resell market. Many apartments which have beautiful locations have been transferred at extremely competitive prices. Realtique updates the best transfer LUMIÈRE riverside price as below:


1/ Area: 74m2 – 2 Bedrooms – 8.2 billion VND

High floor, view Landmark 81, swimming pool, highway

2/ Area: 96.4m2 – 3 Bedrooms – 11.2 billion VND

High floor, view of Saigon river

3/Area: 52.7m2 – 1 Bedroom – 5.3 billion VND

View Landmark 81, swimming pool, highway


1/ Area: 48.2m2 – 1 Bedroom – 5.2 billion VND

High floor, view Landmark 81, swimming pool, highway

2/ Area: 76.2m2 – 2 Bedrooms – 6.8 billion VND

High floor, view Landmark 81, swimming pool, highway

3/ Area: 95.7m2 – 3 Bedrooms – 11.8 billion VND

High floor, view of Saigon river

Compared with the outstanding facilities that the apartment offers, the current price is considered to be very competitive. Realtique still has a lot of apartment transfer incentives, please contact hotline 0866 810 689 for quick updates on the best price information and appointment to visit the house.


With the latest extremely attractive selling prices, the payment method for the LUMIÈRE riverside project is also very competitive. Customers buying apartments will deposit 10% after signing the agreement, then only pay 5% of the apartment value at each payment. Above all, the investor of the project offers a discount of up to 7.5% for early payment.

In addition, the project investor also cooperates with Techcombank to guarantee loan support up to 70% of the apartment value for up to 20 years.

The payment contracts will be divided into many small installments for your convenience to track the progress of the project along with many other attractive incentives and policies. The Realtique team is ready to support you to update the best offers from investors via hotline 0866 810 689.


Owning a price that is considered to be extremely ideal for a high-class residence, what advantages does this project drive so much attention? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should “purchase your order” for an apartment at LUMIÈRE riverside with Realtique.

The Last Prime Location Of Thao Dien

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside becomes the last priceless “pearl” owning a riverside location in the heart of Thao Dien green oasis, inhabited by foreign experts with a full range of transportation, education, medical facilities, international standard entertainment.

Location of Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project

According to leading experts in the real estate field, the investment land fund along Xa Lo Ha Hoi avenue has become scarce, therefore, the fact that this project holds the land with a direct view of the confluence of the Saigon River, making this place a precious and ideal residence exclusively for you.

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project embraces the whole Saigon River

The latest statistics show that the demand for luxury apartments in Thao Dien is increasing, but the supply is meager, highlighting the value of Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside when it comes to owning the most high-class ecological chain currently. now.

Inspiring Living Space With Unique Leafscape Architecture

With a center location in a green oasis, the apartment complex has an extremely sophisticated and unique design with Leafscape architecture inspired by leaf veins. Owning an apartment at the LUMIÈRE riverside is like owning a peaceful and green oasis with an airy landscape.

Besides, the project is built on a land lot of 19,935m2 but has a density of building only about 35%, creating a spacious living area, suitable for re-energizing after stress and emotional touch for life.

The interior design of the project also focuses on creating an open space among diverse vegetation, which purifies the air and improves mental and physical health of residents.

Convenient and Potential Traffic Network

The project is located right on Xa Lo Ha Noi which is the key road of Thu Duc city, especially, near the Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. The metro station is being accelerated construction progress and is expected to come into operation in the coming year 2023, contributing to traffic convenience in this area.

The plus point of Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside is the location of the bridge connecting to important intersections such as Saigon Bridge, Rach Chiec Bridge, Mai Chi Tho, Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, crowded East Saigon area such as Saigon Hi-tech Park in District 9, specifically:

  • Only 3 minutes to move to the center of Binh Thanh District
  • Only 5 minutes to connect with Thu Duc, District 9
  • Only 5 minutes to Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway
  • It only takes 10 minutes to move to the bustling urban area of ​​Thu Thiem, District 2
  • Only 10 minutes to connect to the center of District 1
  • Only 3 minutes to Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien.


LUMIÈRE riverside Thao Dien is a luxury apartment project located in the center of Thao Dien, Thu Duc City (District 2). This project was introduced by Masterise Homes at the end of 2020 and is currently entering the stage of completing the electromechanical system in both LUMIÈRE East and LUMIÈRE West towers.

This is a project of Masterise Homes’ high-end apartment product chain aimed at developing a civilized and high-class residential community. This high-class residential apartment is expected by the investor not only to become a long-term settlement solution with sustainable core values, but also to realize a green, clean, and natural living ecosystem according to strictly international standards.

The apartments at Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside is considered the most beautiful and livable riverside location in Thao Dien with a view embracing the Saigon River. The project’s architecture is inspired by Leafscape style, bringing sophistication in every line as well as a connection with fresh nature.

Dubbed “Riverside Light”, the project brings you a fresh and beautiful living space in the green oasis of Thao Dien, fully relaxing and peaceful moments with your families.

Here is an overview of the project scale:

Project Name

LUMIÈRE riverside

Project Location

257 Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City


Masterise Homes


Masterise Homes


Atkins, BAAD, HBA



Managing and Operating


Total area

19,395 m2

Density of building


Apartment type

1,2,3,4BR apartment, shophouse, officetel

No. of blocks

2  including LUMIÈRE East (East Tower) và LUMIÈRE West (West Tower)

Project scale

LUMIÈRE East (36 floors)

  • 2 basements
  • Ground floor & 1: Shophouse
  • Floor 2-3-4: Parking lot
  • Floor 5-6-7: OfficeFloor 8-36: Apartments & penthouse

LUMIÈRE West (44 floors)

2 basements

  • Ground floor & 1 (front side): Shophouse
  • Floor 1-4 (back side): Parking lot
  • Floor 5-6 : Technical floor
  • Floor 7 (front side): Gym
  • Floor 7 (backside): Apartments
  • Floor 8-44: Apartments và penthouse

Diện tích căn hộ

  • 1BR : 49-52 m2
  • 2BR: 68-77 m2
  • 3BR: 92-113 m2
  • 4BR: 164- 300m2
  • Penthouse : 198-293 m2
  • Shophouse: 107-283,2 m2

* Compound apartment: From 2 and more apartments connecting to provide larger space

Start date


Taking over



House ownership certificate


Vietnamese: Long-term house ownership certificate 

Foreigners: Legal 50-year ownership


The progress of the LUMIÈRE riverside project will be continuously updated to you by Realtique in this article. According to the latest information from the investor, Masterise Homes, professional contractors are continuing to strictly monitor construction items according to the highest supervision standards, in order to ensure the handover period in quarter 2/2023 as scheduled.

LATEST UPDATE: Construction Progress October 2022

According to Realtique’s latest update, superstructure works are progressing quickly: West Tower reached level 26 already following the project plan schedule. Level 20 is completed at East Tower and work is ongoing at level 21.

Architectural works including installing brick walls, plastering works & waterproofing is ongoing at both towers. MEP 1st fix installations are ongoing and reached level 17 for West Tower and level 12 for the East Tower. Facade Installations are ongoing at levels 9, 10, 11 & 12 for West Tower, and started at level 9 in East Tower.

Construction progress of LUMIÈRE riverside project in October 2022

Construction Progress September 2022

The rough construction works are progressing rapidly. Currently, reinforcement and formwork work is underway on Level 20 for LUMIÈRE West Tower and similar activities are also taking place on Level 14 for LUMIÈRE East Tower. Brickwork, wall construction, masonry & mechanical-electrical (MEP) works are being carried out for both towers.

In addition, work on finishing the building’s exterior has begun at the LUMIÈRE West Tower.


With the aim of bringing a high-class and luxurious ecological chain to customers, the project converges all the top and most modern utility architectures. The utilities of the apartment area are oriented towards a sophisticated green lifestyle, bringing unique and new experiences, helping customers – future owners to fully enjoy the essence of life.

Layout of diverse utility system at Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside

Layout of diverse utility system at Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside

Luxury Interior Utilities

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project owns an internal utility system with superior and more complete features than previous projects. The construction of internal utilities is extremely meticulous and elaborate, focusing on each design line, the space layout is in harmony with nature, ensuring high functionality, performance and aesthetics.


The reception hall of the apartment is designed very luxuriously, harmoniously combining modern furniture and green plants.

Classy Gym

The modern gym is fully equipped with the most advanced equipment to serve as the physical enhancement needs of the residents.

Yoga Area

The yoga practice area is designed to be open, located among the green vegetation, providing a quiet and fresh practice space for residents.

Infinity Pool, Jacuzzi Pool

The swimming pool facilities are located among the green layers, designed in a unique leaf pattern, bringing a feeling of closeness to nature and a completely relaxing mood.

Fresh Tropical Garden

The tropical garden at LUMIÈRE riverside is considered a new and outstanding bright spot. This place is like a “green lung” to help purify the air, bring freshness and health to residents.

Spacious BBQ Garden

The BBQ garden space is spacious and designed, providing a lot of comfortable living space for family parties, meeting friends.

System of Parks, Skywalks

The pedestrian streets in the area are built not only at the foot of the building but also hovering high above the green trees, bringing a cool feeling in the heart of the street.

Outstanding Off-site Utilities

In addition to the outstanding internal facilities as above, LUMIÈRE riverside also owns an expensive international standard external utility system of Thao Dien center.

International Standard Medical Utilities

Located adjacent to famous international hospital system such as VinMec (7 minutes), Family Medical Practice (5 minutes), AIH (6 minutes),…convenient for medical examination.

International Standard Education Utilities

The most expensive international school system in Saigon such as AIS, BIS, TAS provides a potential educational environment for young residents.

Various Entertainment Utilities

The apartment is located in a convenient location to major commercial centers such as Estella Palace, VinCom Mega Mall, Big C, … to quickly serve the needs of relaxation and entertainment.

Other Utilities

Located close to convenient traffic routes leading to Rach Chiec Sports Center, Metro Station Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien,…


The construction density of the Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside is only 35% of the total area of ​​19,395 m2, making the most of the area for green areas to creep into the living space. The project owns 2 blocks LUMIÈRE East (36 floors) and LUMIRE West (44 floors) with all kinds of apartments from 1-3 bedrooms and high-class products such as Penthouse, Duplex to meet individual needs of customers.

Master Plan Masteri Lumière Riverside Project 

The Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project was created from the inspiration of leaf veins, meaning to lead natural energy into living space. In addition, the residential area is also covered with impressive bonitical arrays:

  • The green miniatures are scattered throughout the lobby area, swimming pool, walkway… of the 2 towers.
  • Vertical sky garden with an estimated area of 7,000m2 surrounds the tower block
  • Tropical garden up to 5,000m2 in area 

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside master plan

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside master plan

Detailed Layout Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside – LUMIÈRE East

Floor plan 11-18 and 20-32 LUMIRE East LUMIÈRE riverside project 




2 basements & 36 floating floors

Refuge floor: 12th, 22nd, 32 floors


13-19 units/ floor



Detailed Layout Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside – LUMIÈRE West

Floor plan 9-11, 13-21, 23-30 LUMIÈRE West LUMIÈRE riverside project 




2  basements & 44 floating floors

Refuge floor: 19th


14 units/ floor



Typical Apartment Design Masteri LUMIÈRE Riverside District 2

Both LUMIÈRE East and LUMIÈRE West towers have the same apartment design with creative and smart concepts. All apartments are built with large balconies and windows to maximally receive sunlight and wind in the most natural way.

1 Bedroom Apartment

Floor plan of 1-bedroom apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

Floor plan of 1-bedroom apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

2 Bedrooms Apartment

Floor plan of 2-bedrooms apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

Floor plan of 2-bedrooms apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

3 Bedrooms Apartment

Floor plan of 3-bedrooms apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

Floor plan of 3-bedrooms apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

Compound Apartment

Floor plan of compound apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2

Floor plan of compound apartment in LUMIÈRE riverside project District 2


Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project is located at 257 Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City (District 2). The project is close to other high-end apartment projects such as Masteri Thao Dien, Gateway Thao Dien, … with a successful and civilized residential community.

In the context that Thu Duc city is restarting road and bridge projects, Thao Dien area becomes a convenient location that connects key locations of the East Saigon area and is convenient to move into the city center. Therefore, this place becomes a diamond with convenient location and high-class apartment quality and extremely competitive price.

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside was built in Thao Dien green oasis, along the busiest Xa Lo Ha Noi in Thu Duc city. Located on the land at the confluence of the Saigon River, the project owns a million-dollar vision embracing the Saigon River.

It can be said that standing at any apartment in the project can also cover the bustling Thu Duc city, Saigon Bridge, Saigon River, and Landmark 81 building – the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.


In the Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside project, the investor Masterise Homes has joined hands with the world’s leading partners to develop apartments following strict international standards.

The strategic partner in charge of landscape design for this project is Atkins Group – the world’s leading design, engineering and project management group, behind a series of skyscrapers and top lavish buildings globally.

In addition, BAAD – a design company from Australia is in charge of the architecture and HBA Group (USA) is responsible for the high-class and luxurious interior items in the apartments.

LUMIÈRE riverside is strictly monitored for construction progress by Turner Group – the world’s oldest and most prestigious construction supervision brand, the iconic construction supervision partner of Bitexco Financial Tower of Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, to ensure the project meets the handover schedule.


Through the survey, Realtique has summarized the frequently asked questions of customers about the luxury apartment project LUMIÈRE riverside District 2 as follows:

Who Is The Investor Of The Masteri LUMIÈRE Riverside Project?

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside was created by Masterise Homes Group, a prestigious name of a series of high-end apartment projects under the brands of Masteri, Millennium, and M-One.

Where Is The LUMIÈRE Riverside Show Flat Address?

LUMIÈRE riverside show flat is located at 179 Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City. If you want to visit the show flat, please contact Realtique via hotline 0866 810 689 for assistance in registering for a suitable time frame.

How Is The Construction Progress Of The Masteri Lumière Riverside Project?

Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside has basically completed the rough structure and is preparing to enter the finishing phase of brickwork, wall construction, masonry & electromechanical systems. Construction progress is still being strictly monitored to ensure the handover schedule in the second quarter of 2023.

How Much Is Masteri Lumière Riverside Apartment Price?

The selling price of the Masteri LUMIÈRE riverside apartment from the investor currently ranges from 90-115 million/m2. Realtique has updated the current transfer apartments with beautiful views and best prices. Customers contact hotline 0866 810 689 to receive the latest apartment transfer price list.

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