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CEO Realtique KC Pham and the Lesson of “Consistency is the Key…”

Posted by Khoi Pham on June 20, 2023

Having experienced many challenges along the career development path, from being an employee to starting businesses in various fields, Mr. Pham Xuan Khoi has learned a valuable lesson: “Consistency is the key.”

Born in 1989, Pham Xuan Khoi (also known as KC Pham) is currently the Director of Realtique Vietnam Real Estate Company. He is a prime example of someone who has gone through the entrepreneurial journey and has many interesting insights to share about his career development journey. At the same time, he has distilled his experiences into valuable lessons for the younger generation.

Rising from Ground Zero

To attain his current position, Mr. Khoi has overcome numerous challenges along the way. He shares, “When looking back at the past, I had some memorable moments. As a student, I didn’t excel in any subject and even failed to get accepted into any university.”

In particular, the university entrance exam marked the first failure in his academic journey. However, perhaps that was a stroke of luck because failing the university entrance exam is akin to experiencing the first abyss in life. He believes, “Once you fall into a deep hole, it serves as a great motivation to rise up. This propelled me to excel during my studies at the International School. There, I consistently achieved high grades and received scholarships for three consecutive semesters.”

After more than two years of diligent studying, he obtained favorable results in the international school environment, which facilitated his entry into adult life.

Furthermore, Mr. Khoi also emphasizes that the learning journey continues even now. He constantly absorbs new knowledge and skills to further improve himself. Despite starting from ground zero, through relentless efforts, Mr. Khoi has achieved numerous accomplishments, with personal development being the most cherished one.


Because after each stumble, he feels that he has become more composed over time, made progress in leadership and communication skills, and achieved a better quality of life. All these accomplishments cannot be measured in terms of money or material possessions, but he takes pride in them.

Starting from scratch, he has continuously strived to rise up

Starting from scratch, he has continuously strived to rise up

The Fateful Establishment of Realtique Vietnam Real Estate

Despite graduating with outstanding achievements from an international school, life was never easy, and he had to face numerous obstacles and challenges on his career path.

After graduation, his first full-time job was as a salesperson at a real estate company specializing in villa rentals in Thao Dien, District 2. It was his first time being exposed to luxurious French-style villas and interacting with successful foreign experts, which allowed him to learn and explore many interesting aspects. It can be said that he truly developed a passion for the real estate industry at that time. However, he did not have any intention to pursue a long-term career in real estate at that moment.

During the period of career development from the age of 20 to 29, he ventured into various fields and industries, starting businesses such as a bakery, a bar, and a sushi restaurant, and even worked in a company specializing in digital marketing. He even spent about 2 years studying to become a pilot. However, everything proved to be too difficult to continue and develop further.

The peak of his struggles came when his sushi restaurant business failed, resulting in a significant financial loss within a short period of time. It was also the second low point in his life, where it seemed like he had lost everything. It was during this time that he began to reflect on himself and realized that he lacked determination, perseverance, and focus on a long-term endeavor.

Life is never easy, but just remember this, everything can change: It’s your mindset that determines your life!

It's your mindset that determines your life

It’s your mindset that determines your life

As soon as he understood what he needed and what was lacking, Khôi took it upon himself to make self-improvements by joining an educational environment. Here, he became an English teacher for about a year. According to him, this was a good environment for personal development, where he learned training skills, recognized weaknesses, identified past mistakes, and began to improve upon them. The previous failures were valuable lessons that prepared him with better experience for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Why did you decide to establish Realtique?

After experiencing various projects and professions, I took a moment to reflect on myself and realized that I excelled the most in the real estate field. In this industry, I had the opportunity to meet fascinating people and had the potential for faster income growth. Therefore, I made the decision to establish and develop Realtique with a long-term goal in mind. Additionally, I emphasized being more steadfast and focused than before. As of now, Realtique has been operating for 5 years.

Furthermore, I believe that “life will always have challenging obstacles that we must overcome. And the results we achieve are completely worth it.”

Consistency is the key to unlocking success in life

Consistency is the key to unlocking success in life

Why is “Consistency is the Key”? 

Rising from ground zero, facing numerous challenges on the path of career development, Khôi has undergone a remarkable transformation. Though this period may not have been excessively long or short, for him, it has been a continuous process of relentless effort to rise above. In doing so, he also shares the valuable lesson that “perseverance is the key“.

Why does Khoi resonate with this statement? Because it reflects an important truth in life and success.”

Perseverance and determination are crucial factors in achieving goals and attaining success. When we maintain consistency and persistence in our daily actions, we establish a solid foundation for growth and progress. This process is not always easy, but perseverance helps us overcome challenges and become successful individuals.

Perseverance also plays a vital role in building positive habits and personal development. By adhering to a schedule, remaining consistent, and persevering in necessary actions, we create stability and continuous progress. This applies to learning and skill development as well. By investing time and effort each day, we can acquire new skills and achieve expertise.

Furthermore, perseverance also plays a crucial role in building trust and earning respect from others. When we are consistent and persistent in our actions, we create trust and confidence from others. This can open up new opportunities, build strong relationships, and achieve success in life and work.

However, it is important for us to consider and clarify our goals, ensuring that we are on the right track and not delaying or getting stuck in the process of achieving our objectives. At the same time, remember that perseverance needs to be accompanied by flexibility and readiness to adapt to changes and difficulties.

“Sometimes, failure at this point does not mean failure in the entire process. Sometimes, it is necessary to slow down, acquire new knowledge, and continue moving forward and reaching further. To do so, you need to observe things in a broader perspective, and most importantly, have patience. Because you cannot sustain a good run with a runner’s mindset in a sprint,” shared by Mr. Pham Xuan Khoi.

Life is not a race. Use your time wisely to do everything right

Life is not a race. Use your time wisely to do everything right

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